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Our Glass

The glass standard that we use across all of our products is Laminated Glass. This is made of a piece of PVB (plastic) sandwiched between two pieces of heat strengthened glass. This type of glass is known for its ability to withstand high impact, making it the glass of choice for our hurricane prone environment. 


 Along with quality, there is choice! Our glass comes in an array of colours: Clear, grey, green, blue, green/blue and bronze. We even have a selection of specialty glass which includes sandblasted designs, obscured glass, and a selection of glass that reduces the amount of UV rays entering the building. 

Solarban Glass

This glass was created to provide both pleasing aesthetics and incredible UV protection. 

Enjoy the perks of receiving the maximum amount of sunlight into your building with a clear glass while protecting your furniture, photos, and drapes from the fading effects of UV rays. Not to mention the heat protection!

Want to make this glass perform even better? Add a color! 

Solarcool Glass

Use Solarcool glass to reflect heat and UV rays right out of your building! It's mirrored external finish helps to keep UV rays and heat at bay. 

Another popular use for this glass is privacy. During the day, it's metallic surface virtually conceals the inside of your building giving you the privacy you need while allowing light to enter the building.

Choose the color that best suits your building's aesthetic!


Insulated Glass

Create the perfect thermal barrier for your home with our insulated glass. This glass can be used in any of our products and uses our signature laminated glass as part of the unit for impact resistance.

This glass option offers an unbeatable amount of thermal insulation as well as sound insulating properties due to it's Argon filled airspace. 

Our Glass Gallery

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