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About Coral Windows Bahamas

Coral Windows Bahamas Ltd. is a manufacturer for premium hurricane impact windows and doors based in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Our main goal is to help prepare and restore homes and buildings for hurricane occurrence with impact resistant fenestration products. We understand how devastating a hurricane can be to a home or business as we too feel the effects of each storm as they become stronger as time goes on. Because of our experience with these natural disasters, and the knowledge of the sheer strength and destruction these storms bring, there is no room for error in our manufacturing and installation process which creates our outstanding standard of quality and reliability. We show the same amount of care and dedication today as we did in our very first days of our company's existence.  


The story of how our company has come to be all begins with our President. Born and raised in England, Stuart Price opened a window manufacturing company with his childhood friend in Bradford, England in the early 90's. Coral Windows Bradford took off and became very successful. It still stands today as one of the largest window and door manufacturers in the North of England. After visiting The Bahamas, he knew just where his next adventure would take him.

Stuart left Coral Windows Bradford  in 2003 to open Coral Windows Bahamas Ltd., here in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Although faced with many challenges opening a manufacturing plant in another country, it was not long into 2004 before we began manufacturing Windows and Doors in our then 6000 sq. ft. factory on Milton Street. Huge investments Where made in sourcing products from all around the world that would withstand the test of time in a very active hurricane zone and cruel salt air environment.  Investments were also made in bringing trained installers and manufacturers from Coral Windows Bradford to share their experience with local Bahamians. By achieving the big transition, we were able to open the only hurricane window and door manufacturing company on the island. 

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